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The Impactsnap believes it has found the solution to many amateurs’ swing flaws emitting from poor wrist and hand technique.  With a simple "click" sound, the Impactsnap device -- comprised of a golf grip, small steel attachment and ball -- lets its user know when proper motion has been attained, and when the hand/wrist ailment is out of whack. It’s easy to use, takes up little room, and offers immediate feedback.

"The Impactsnap is a golf release training device. Invented by my friend Kelvin Miyahira, it was designed to train the wrists and forearms in 3 different motions that occur in a proper release of the golf club

The Impact Snap golf training device is the only device that truly trains the wrists how to operate.  As an instructor, it saves me thousands of words and saves my students a lot of time learning how to use the wrists in a golf swing.  For use for chipping, pitching and full swing."


Martin Nowicki – PGA Professional and Owner of Impact Snap

Impactsnap Training Video